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concept of the counselor having moreĀ  Can A Therapist Provide An Esa Letter….understanding than you but simply that the therapist has proficiency in various areas that they can offer and possibly offer you various ways of thinking about your issues among the more common mistaken beliefs about CBT is that c.b.c therapists will not look at your past at all or analyze how your past might be affecting your present and that’s in fact not real in CBT the focus is absolutely more on today and how you’re operating in today however to see a good CBT therapist will work with you on examining if there are any concerns in your past that are still affecting your ability to function successfully and successfully today if you like this video please feel free to register for our YouTube channel where you’ll discover a lot more material on a range of mental health subjects and if you’re interested in discovering more about online counseling Can A Therapist Provide An Esa Letter